Another Saigon by LG

Just like Vietnam, ever changing and ever new,
We welcome you to this very special space.

Dare to dream of these life-changing moments.
Our Creativity, reserved for new changes.
And all the Careful Innovation we’ll create together.

Take one step forward from the ordinary
to enjoy the Good Life with LG

Say hello to
Another Saigon


Another Saigon Map Infomation Another Saigon Map Infomation

96 Mạc Thị Bưởi, phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

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Operating hours

  • Weekdays : 14:00~22:00
  • Weekends (public holidays) : 10:00~22:00

Floor information

[G] Hello, LG


Welcome to Another Saigon. Explore this space full of new dreams and tastes, from GF to 5F, and discover various brand collaborations. Don't miss out on stamp missions and events and receive giveaway goods.

Better Life for All

The first-of-its-kind household appliance that balances your flavor and the environment! Try LG Styler and ShoeCare for your clothing and shoes, and join the campaign to make Ho Chi Minh City a greener place.

Cacao Land
Good Friend #1

A journey that encapsulates the quintessence born from the LAND, weaving together the meticulous patience of PEOPLE and the muddy color of CREATIVE footprints, all blended in one continuous effort of Cacao Land Vietnam. Cacao Land Vietnam is a pioneering brand in the beverage chain about cocoa, creating and honoring Vietnamese cocoa products.

Dong Dong
Good Friend #2

Get ready for our collaboration with Dong Dong who turns eco-friendly materials into fun and unique fashion accessories. Visit us to find out more.

[01] The Curation of Good Life

Objet Collection

Home appliances to make your dream life a reality. LG Objet Collection Here we introduce Objet Collection, home appliances for interior design.

My Objet Color

Feel free to mix and match the refrigerator's panel colors and materials to suit your own tastes.

My Objet House

Add a touch of personal taste and complete your home appliance interior with the small and cute miniature Objet Collection.

Good Friend #3

Come to enjoy experience the trendiest FPS game title - VALORANT in the gaming lounge brought to you by VNGGames and LGE. Various exclusive gifts are waiting for you!

[03] The Solution of Good Life

Good Life Solution

Get a professional product consulting service with adorable home appliances miniatures, and receive a voucher.

Good Life Story

LG, the leader in home appliances! Discover our three Core Tech, key parts that drive LG Electronics and home appliances.

[05] The Joy of Good Life

Mood Up Stage

With only one touch, the Mood Up Refrigerator generates a lovely ambiance with spectacular colors and entertaining music. Take part in a dance challenge and take a proof shot.

Mood Up Stage

Change the color of your refrigerator by selecting your own mood-up color.

Another Saigon Mobile
Mobile guide

A tip to have more fun at Another Saigon!

Use the mobile guide and participate in various missions.
If you complete all missions, you will receive a reward from the GF floor!

To access the mobile guide, visit Another Saigon.


Another Saigon Challenge

Participate in the Another Saigon Challenge to win an top-notch products of LG for the person with the greatest response.

Another Saigon Selfie with Playmobil

Visit Another Saigon, you definitely have pretty pic, but it’s would be a waste if they’re not be posted. So this minigame is for you to take advantage of those amazing photos right away!

Membership Event on LG

On the official website, there is a membership sign-up event going on in celebration of Another Saigon's opening! During the event period, become a member and get a voucher!

Better Life for All : ESG Workshop Event

Join the campaign for the environment! Make your own merchandise with dongdong, eco-friendly upcycling brand, at Another Saigon, participate in plogging, and receive a variety of goodies.


Presented by VNGGames, join the VALORANT Solo Ranking Match. Bring your friends along and complete the pre-registration now.

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